What we talk about when we talk about Technology



(v) hit violently and noisily

Did you hear that bang? It sounded like a gun.

(v) 1.make the noise that bees make 2.call someone with an electrical signalling apparatus
(n) 1.noise of buzzing 2.telephone call 3.pleasant feeling as if from drug

I lay there hearing the buzz of a mosquito but I couldn't see it anywhere.

(n) slight short sound, as of a camera
(v) make a click

To download the new software just click on the 'download' icon.

(v) make a sudden loud noise
(n) sudden loud noise
(v) make an unpleasant high sharp sound
(n) very high unpleasant noise

I heard the screech of brakes as the driver tried to stop and a loud crash.

(v) make the sound of a badly oiled door

I heard of a floorboard creak and I knew somebody had come into the room.

(v) make a crushing noise
(n) crushing sound

I heard the crunch of their feet walking through the crisp snow.

(v) overflow with or as if with liquid
(n) sound of liquid falling in drops

Please turn the tap off properly otherwise it'll drip.

(v) make a sound like 's'

The snake reared its head and gave an angry hiss.

(n) sound made by an owl or a car's horn
(v) make a hoot

I hate people who hoot at me when I slow down at an amber light.

(v) 1.buzz 2.sing with closed lips

I don't remember the words of the song, but I can hum the tune.

(v) make a continuous quick hard noise
(n) rattling noise

Every time a bus or lorry goes past, the windows rattle.

(n) deep loud continuing sound
(v) give a roar

We could hear the roar of the crown in the football stadium from our hotel.

(v) shut loudly and forcefully
(n) noise of a door being slammed

Please don't slam the door. Close it gently.

(v) drink noisily

Don't slurp your soup! Eat it quietly.

(v) breathe in loudly
(n) act or sound of sniffing

Don't sniff! Get a handkerchief and blow your nose.

(v) breathe noisily while asleep
(n) act or sound of snoring

I can't share a room with you if you snore - I won't be able to sleep.

(v) fall or move about in drops or waves, especially wildly or noisily
(n) sound or mark made by splashing

There was a splash as he jumped into the swimming pool.

(n) a light short blow

When I'm nervous I often tap my fingers on the table.

(n) short repeated sound of a watch or clock
(v) make a tick

This clock has a very loud tick.

(n) high sound made by air blowing through a narrow opening
(v) make a whistle

Some of the players carried on playing because they hadn't heard the whistle.